成套设备 Complete set of equipment

成套设备 Complete set of equipment



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Detailed description of intelligent automatic seed selection and processing equipment






1、      所有动力全部采用伺服电机、变频电机,大量运用伺服、变频、PLC、上位机等智能自动化技术,再配上各种传感器把检测数据上传给触摸屏,使设备的转速、扭矩、温度、振动频率、空气流量、空气压力、风门角度等参数在触摸屏上数字化显示,运行情况一目了然。

2、      当设备调整到最佳状态时,相关数据一键保存,下次加工相同种子只需一键启动,对操作人员的专业技术要求低,无需凭个人经验使用设备。

3、      把所有的手动操作步骤换成伺服电机来执行,操作人员不用跑前跑后,只需在触摸屏上输入相关参数命令伺服电机,把复杂的事情变为简单。

4、      排杂出料口、成品出料口安装高清摄像头,方便管理人员在显示器上查看调整设备后的相关情况。

5、      智能自动化设备平均节能30%,降低使用成本。

6、      所有的运行状态触摸屏全中文显示,具有故障提示、自诊断功能。


生产率: ≥10t/h              去杂率:≥99%            获 选 率:   ≥99%     

净  度:  ≥99%                   破碎率: 无                除尘效率:   >99.5%      

功  率: 120kw(根据配置定)  噪  声:≤84dB(A)      包衣合格率: ≥99.4%



1. The complete set of equipment for seed selection and processing is controlled by computer, and all operation functions are integrated on the 15 inch large screen touch screen. There will be real dynamic simulation image of processing process when starting up. The selection process can be changed according to different selection requirements. Any host can be opened or stopped for selective use. The program refuses to start in case of misoperation.

2. Non crushing processing scheme: all the non crushing hoists are used to completely solve the problem of crushing seeds by ordinary bucket elevator; all silos are equipped with upper and lower material level induction devices, and there is a drop mechanism for high-altitude dropping of the silo to prevent the seeds from falling and crashing.

3. Automatic operation: from raw materials to finished product packaging, only one staff is required to watch the operation of the equipment, and no manual work is required for other links.

4. Unique installation scheme: the return material of gravity separation is transported to the pit, and then it enters the specific gravity after screening again through wind screening, so as to reduce the specific gravity selection load and improve the seed selection quality of specific gravity separation. (in this scheme, the recycled materials from the selective selection will be directly put into the specific gravity separation)

Intelligent automation function:

1、 Servo motor and frequency conversion motor are used for all power, and intelligent automation technologies such as servo, frequency conversion, PLC and upper computer are used in a large number of ways. With various sensors, the detection data are uploaded to the touch screen, so that the parameters such as the speed, torque, temperature, vibration frequency, air flow, air pressure, damper angle and other parameters of the equipment are displayed on the touch screen digitally, and the operation situation is clear at a glance 。

2. When the equipment is adjusted to the best state, the relevant data can be saved by one key, and the next processing of the same seed only needs one button to start. The professional and technical requirements for operators are low, and it is unnecessary to use the equipment based on personal experience.

3. All the manual operation steps are replaced by servo motor. Instead of running forward and backward, the operator only needs to input relevant parameters on the touch screen to command the servo motor, which makes complex things simple.

4. High definition cameras are installed at the discharge outlet and finished product outlet to facilitate the management personnel to view the relevant situation after adjusting the equipment on the display.

5. The average energy saving of intelligent automation equipment is 30% and the use cost is reduced.

6. All the running status touch screen is displayed in Chinese, with fault prompt and self diagnosis function.

7. The software has the functions of remote upgrade, view and diagnosis, which is convenient for manufacturers to provide remote service and user management personnel.

Productivity: ≥ 10t / h impurity removal rate: ≥ 99% selection rate: ≥ 99%

Cleanliness: ≥ 99% crushing rate: no dust removal efficiency: > 99.5%

Power: 120kw (according to configuration) noise: ≤ 84dB (a) coating qualification rate: ≥ 99.4%

Packing weighing accuracy: ± 0.2% G

Dust concentration in the air of workplace indoor and outdoor: ≤ 5mg / m3 (up to environmental protection acceptance standard)