比重精选机 Gravity separator

比重精选机 Gravity separator



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重力式精选机 Gravity separator


















轻杂 重杂

5XZ-5.02650*1500*1300280-9006≥99≥993.5≥99   ≥85≥200005.07.5
5XZ-10.03830*1500*1500280-9007≥99≥995.6≥99   ≥85≥3000010.015.6
5XZ-15.04200*1700*1600280-9007≥99≥997.0≥99   ≥85≥4000015.020.0

Gravity separator is used in the field that the force of air screen separator cannot reach. This is not to say that gravity separator can replace air screen separator. Gravity separator is another process based on the gravity difference between particles (1000 particle weight), which is a more accurate separation of impurities.

Through the air screen cleaning machine, the impurities such as big impurity, small impurity and dust are removed, and the particle size is the same, but the gravity (1000 grain weight) is different. The gravity cleaning machine selects the same size of stones, soil blocks, broken particles, moth eaten particles, pathological particles, moldy and deteriorated, chaff particles, immature and other materials through the characteristics of gravity difference. For example, the broken cocoa bean is separated from the bud of cocoa; the shell is removed from the almond; the coffee bean with shell and crack is removed from the raw coffee bean; the tea is graded; the seeds with ergot disease are removed from the rye; the shells, branches and other sundries of hazelnut, peanut and other dried fruits are removed.

Technical upgrading: the lower fan is composed of several independent fans rather than one main shaft connected with multiple fans in series, so the maintenance is simpler and more convenient.

The honeycomb air homogenizing device on the seed selection table has uniform and uniform air output, no local fountain, good selection effect and high quality. (when the seeds are evenly spread on the seed selection table with a thickness of 3-5cm, they will be blown by the positive pressure air flow in the air chamber as a whole for layering, floating on the top with light weight and sinking on the bottom with heavy weight. Therefore, the light seeds floating on the top will lose the upward climbing force due to not contacting the vibration table, and will only flow out to the lowest trash discharge port; on the contrary, the heavier seeds sinking on the bottom can contact the vibration table and produce the upward climbing force.)

Intelligent automation function:

1. Servo and variable frequency motors are used in all power systems. Servo, variable frequency, PLC, upper computer and other intelligent automation technologies are widely used. In addition, various sensors are equipped to upload the test data to the touch screen, so that the parameters such as rotating speed, torque, temperature, vibration frequency, air flow, air pressure, air door angle, longitudinal and transverse angles of the equipment can be displayed on the touch screen intuitively The situation is clear at a glance.

2. When the equipment is adjusted to the best state, the relevant data can be saved with one key. The next processing of the same seed only needs one key to restore. The professional and technical requirements for the operators are low, and the equipment does not need to be used by personal experience.

3. The manual operation steps are replaced by servo motor to execute. The operator does not need to run before and after, but only needs to input relevant parameters on the touch screen to command the servo motor, which makes the complex things simple.

4. HD cameras are installed at the discharge outlet and finished product outlet to facilitate the management personnel to check the relevant conditions after adjusting the equipment on the display.

5. The average energy saving of intelligent automation equipment is 30%, and the use cost is reduced.

6. All operation states are displayed in Chinese and English on the touch screen, with fault prompt and self diagnosis functions.

7. The software has the function of remote upgrade, check and diagnosis, which is convenient for the remote service of the manufacturer and the user management personnel. 

Note: the above intelligent configuration is optional, and we offer on demand.